Dr Bender core drill, 2000W@110V, 520 / 1400 (EBM23F)
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Dr Bender core drill, 2000W@110V, 520 / 1400 (EBM23F)

Product Code: DB12

DB12 Breakdown

DB12 Parts


  • Handheld Pistol grip core drilling machine, compact, powerful, in full metal execution
  • Rotor is hand- wound, for maximum filling degree of copper. More copper means more power and better constancy of temperature, consequently better efficiency factor
  • Protection switch respectively overload protection
  • Dry and wet drilling (with appropriate extraction system)
  • Via the existing collar, drilling machine can be mounted on a rig easily.
  • Precise justify via 2 water level bubble for horizontal and vertical drillings
  • Water connection mountable in different positions
  • Solid transport case for easy handling and better protection for the machine during the transport
  • Availability: In stock
DB12 Pistol grip
Wattage 2000W
AMP 16
Voltage/ Frequency 125V / 60Hz
Speed (RPM) 520 / 1400
Torque 247 in.lbs
Drill bit connection 1 ¼“UNC + R ½”
Hand held capacity 4''wet/8''dry (soft mat.)
Stand capacity 6''wet/8''dry (soft mat.)
Weight 13 lbs

*Carrying case, extra handle, Gardena water connection, PRCD